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"Dr. West and the whole staff are wonderful, I love the communication along the path of treatment, I liked knowing what is happening and what to expect. They have assured me I was not their oldest patient, and it's wonderful to be near completion as expected. I had other family members that we took to Reno before Dr. West was established, but the youngest daughter came here, and I was so happy with her experience that I made the decision to fix my teeth as well. Thanks all!!" - Dow

"Dr. West and his staff are professional, nice, and a pleasure to see every visit. I had braces about 13 years ago, and I did not continue to wear my retainers after they broke. My teeth moved slightly which caused my top and bottom teeth to be touching. I received a very expensive quote for Invisalign treatment from my previous dental office. I went to Dr. West for a second opinion, and THANK GOODNESS I did! He offered me a much faster and cheaper alternative treatment that saved me over $3K. 6 weeks later, my teeth are back to perfect!! I will be recommending Dr. West's office to everyone, thank you!!" - Dana

"Today my son got his braces off so we just spent the last year and a half with Dr. West and his team. I must say, our experience was flawless! From the initial consultation to the financial consultation where they laid out the price and billing options (very clearly and simply), to the appointments every few weeks… I can’t say enough good things about everyone we encountered.
There was one instance where a bracket broke on my son’s braces during a school break when the office was closed. Yet within a few hours of calling someone came into the office just for us to fix this issue. Dr. West was always very approachable and friendly and made sure it was clear where we were at in the braces journey. He also noted that my son’s 12-year molars are late in coming in, but he didn’t hold up taking off his braces because of this. It all just boils down to a great experience with a group that truly cares. Thank you for everything Dr. West and team!" - Nicole

"We are extremely thankful for Dr. West's assistance in responding to our daughter's emergency needs with her braces. Dr. West was very professional, kind, polite, generous, and very quick to respond.  We are also very grateful to the staff of West Orthodontics for accommodating us on their busy schedule for the day. We give Dr. West and his staff our highest recommendation." - Amfil

"Dr. West and his staff are personable and professional. Our town is so lucky to have an amazing, committed orthodontist. Dr. West is knowledgeable and amazing with the teens he sees." - Elizabeth